Welcome To Northwest Essex

Everybody dreams. Everyone aspires to living a better life, to realizing their fullest potential, to becoming who they wish to be. The dreams of persons with disabilities are no less different than the dreams and goals of the rest of us, they just may need some additional assistance and opportunities in attaining them. We here at Northwest Essex are committed to helping persons with disabilities of all ages live rich, vibrant lives in their communities as we all desire to do.

Northwest Essex has been helping children, adolescents and adults with disabilities for 57 years. We provide special education to students with disabilities from ages 3 to 21 in two schools. We offer adults with developmental, cognitive and behavioral disabilities the opportunity to work in the community through our supported employment program and also at our vocational rehabilitation center. And we provide a comprehensive range of mental health and addiction services to persons young and old who are experiencing psychiatric illness to help them embark upon their road to recovery and wellness. We provide all these services at our two facilities in Belleville and Montclair and right now we are planning new and expanded services to better meet the complex, varied needs of the people we serve.

Northwest Essex is committed to providing persons with disabilities with quality services, and at the present time, we are seeking to expand our services because they are greatly needed – services like transitional services to assist disabled students work in and spend leisure time in their communities, medical screenings for persons with mental illness and Day Program services to help adults with developmental disabilities improve their skills.

People like Ricardo who has difficulty communicating but speaks eloquently through the artwork he does in school. His ambition is to do computer generated artwork in the film industry. Or like Steve who has a developmental disability and is now working in the community as a full-time custodian. He goes out with his friends with the money he earns and likes to tell his co-workers what he’s done on the weekends.

And like Sophie, a single mom who has struggled with depression and psychotic episodes over the years. She said her daughter as a teenager wanted to become a social worker to help others. Sophie made a commitment to her recovery from mental illness and supported her daughter to do well in school. A few years ago Sophie attended her daughter’s graduation from Social Work School. She said she was the proudest mother there that day.

Helping these people and many others like them attain what they are striving for is the work of Northwest Essex. We feel it’s the stuff that dreams are made of.